Hibbent Portable Bidet Sprayer & Travel Bidet with HandHeld Bidet Bottle for Personal Cleansing

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Product Description

  • Easy to Fill Bidet Bottle Using Desired Water Temp & Able to Use Anywhere Your Travels Take You
  • Fast and effective personal cleansing anytime and anywhere; Ergonomic soft squeeze bottle; no batteries required
  • Extra-long Angled nozzle spray design for perfect aim; airlock technology for stronger spray
  • Larger capacity plastic bottle holds 21.8 oz. for more complete cleaning and fewer refills
  • Easy to use and clean; single-tap retractable nozzle for compact storage

    Travel Bidet, Easy-to-use, Portable Bidet with Convenient Nozzle Storage

    handheld bidet portable bidet

    Handheld Bidet Bottle for Outdoor Travel Personal Hygiene Cleaning


    • Unique nozzle design provides the most convenient and mess-free storage
    • Ergonomic soft squeeze bottle
    • Airlock allows a consistent spray after each squeeze
    • Full-size reservoir for effective cleansing
    • Specifically designed to spray at an angle for perfect aimd


    Metal Airlock for Consistent Spray


    • The metal airlock provides a way for air to enter the reservoir bottle, enabling a consistent spray with easier water pressure control.
    • Just hold the bottle without a finger covering the airlock, water will spout at a constant speed.
    • It's very easy to control it, and you won't have the risk to let your pants get wet.


    fill water

    Step 1---Fill waterd


    • Unscrew to open the nozzle. Fill reservoir with clean water. Close and tighten the nozzle securely. Alternatively, you may also fill the reservoir with clean water without removing the nozzle.


    fill water


    cover the air lock


    squeeze the bottle for spraying


    packed it in the bag