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Less water, less toilet paper, less spending, better experience, and a better world!


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  • Save Water

    Let's save 30-70% of your home water use with Hibbent

  • Save the Planet

    Stop wiping, start washing with Hibbent to reduce tree cutting

  • Save Your Money

    Hibbent helps you save a lot of money on household expenses

  • Better Life Quality

    Live with Hibbent to make your life more comfy, healthy and eco-friendly

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What should I know before buying a toilet seat

When buying a toilet seat, measure the size of your current seat to ensure the right fit. Standard seats are around 16.5 inches long and 14.5 inches wide. Consider the seat material, such as durable wood or affordable plastic. Look for added features like a soft-close lid or antimicrobial coating. Choose a style that matches your bathroom or reflects your personal taste. These factors are important to consider when purchasing our toilet seat.

What should I know before buying a bidet attachment

To ensure that your bidet attachment fits properly, measure the distance between the bolt holes on your toilet seat before purchasing. Additionally, Hibutt attachments may require additional clearance space behind the toilet for water line installation. Hibutt bidet attachments are designed to fit standard-size toilet seats, but may not be compatible with non-standard sizes. If you're unsure whether a bidet attachment will fit your toilet seat, please contact us online or email for assistance.

What should I know before buying a faucet aerator

To determine the correct size faucet aerator, you need to consider the male or female threading of your faucet. Male aerators have threads on the outside and are designed to fit faucets with female threading on the inside. Female aerators, on the other hand, have threads on the inside and are designed to fit faucets with male threading on the outside. It's important to select the correct threading to ensure a proper fit. In addition to threading, you'll also want to ensure the aerator is the right size for your faucet. Most HIbbent aerators are designed to fit standard faucets, but it's best to check the product information to make sure. Some aerators come with adapters to fit various faucet sizes, but it's always best to double-check to ensure a proper fit.

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