Hibbent Shower Head Holder Removable Vacuum Suction Cup Shower Head Bracket for Handheld Shower Head

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Product Description

  • Vacuum adsorption: Super strong suction cup sucker which diameter is large 2.7-inches, the high quality of strong scalability, good airtightness of the silicone material, given it strong adsorption capacity.
  • Easy to install: Suction cup shower head is easy to install, no tools need, it is self-priming installation without drilling, you only need to put the suction cup to grip the contact surface, such as glazed tile wall, mirror, glass, etc.
  • Function: The shower wand holder allows you to place the shower arm at any desired height for easy access by relocating the showerhead.
  • Material: Showerhead holder is made of plastic ABS with chrome polished; ABS plastic handle and PVC suction cup, all are durable, non rusting and not easy to break, long life to use.
  • Extremely wide scope of application: Holder is suitable for smooth and no concave convex smooth surface such as ceramic tile, glass, smooth wood, smooth metal surface, etc.

    Adjustable Vacuum Suction Cup Shower Head Holder

    vacuum suction cup shower head holder

    With the removable shower head holder,you can place handheld shower head anywhere you like within reach.

    Just move the shower head handle up and down to adjust the angle you like.

    The suction cup holder is suitable for the smooth surface such as glass,ceramic tile,smooth wood,smooth metal surface.

    The suction cap can be moved for adjustment.Free to move it to anywhere you like.