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Hibbent Shower Head Holder Removable Vacuum Suction Cup Shower Holder for Handheld Shower Head

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Product Description

  • Vacuum adsorption: Super strong suction cup sucker whose diameter is large 2.7-inches, the high quality of strong scalability, good airtightness of the silicone material, given its strong adsorption capacity.
  • Easy to install: The suction cup shower head is easy to install, no tools need, it is a self-priming installation without drilling, you only need to put the suction cup to grip the contact surface, such as glazed tile wall, mirror, glass, etc.
  • Function: The shower wand holder allows you to place the shower arm at any desired height for easy access by relocating the showerhead.
  • Material: Showerhead holder is made of plastic ABS with chrome polished; ABS plastic handle and PVC suction cup, all are durable, nonrusting and not easy to break, long life to use.