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Hibbent Universal Toilet Parts Kit Toilet Seat Replacement Toilet Seat Screws and Bolts (5 Choices)

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Product Description

  • 1. Top Tightening Toilet Seat Bolts and Screws with 3 Various Solution. Feel Free To Choose the Best Solution as Your Installation Need, Easy installation.
  • 2. First Solution: 2 PCS(1Set) Black Expanding Rubber(with Two Expandable Ball) with 7cm Lenght Bolt and Stainless Steel Gasket.
  • 3. Second Solution: 2PCS White Screw with Solid Brass Screw Inside with 5cm Lenght Bolt Fix Blind Hole.
  • 4. Third Solution: 2PCS Downlock Screw Nut with Brass Screw Inside for Downlock as You Need.
  • 5. It Is Suitable for a Universal Toilet seat. Can be Installed on Most TOTO, Kohler, American Standard Toilets, and Others.

All that you will receive

all what you will receive

Scope of delivery(including the accessories)


  • 2 * Black Expanding Rubber Nut with Brass Screw Inside(with Two Expandable Ball)
  • 2 * Black Expanding Rubber Nut with Brass Screw Inside(with One Expandable Ball)
  • 2 * White Plastic Screw Nut
  • 2 * 7cm Lenght Bolt
  • 4 * 5cm Lenght Bolt
  • 2 * 27mm Stainless Steel Gasket
  • 4 * 19mm Stainless Steel Gasket
  • 4 * Down lock Screw Nut