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Hibbent Flush Tank Lever Compatible with TOTOTHU004-CP Trip Lever for ST701C/ ST854884 - Polished Chrome

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Product Description

  • 1. Made with durable metal to endure the rigors of everyday use.
  • 2. Easy and convenient to install.
  • 3. This Chrome Plated and stylish platinum handle quickly upgrades your toilet.
  • 4. A solution to fix your toilets flush, while enhancing your bathrooms look.
  • 5. Flush Tank lever replacement compatible with TOTO Toilets, THU004-TRIP LVR FOR ST701/CST854/884.

Compatible with TOTO THU004-CP replacement toilet trip lever

1. This tank flush lever compatible with Toto THU004-CP lvr.

2. Features an easy-to-install design.

3. High-quality resistant finishing.

4. Built for a long lifespan from high quality durable materials.

5. Replaces corroded or faulty toilet trip levers.

6. Updating the look of your toilet is easy and inexpensive.

Note: The THU004-CP replacement trip lever compatibles with TOTO tanks. St406,St707,St454E, St743E, St706, St743S. Look inside your tank to find the tank model number.


Dimensions: 11.7 x 3.7 x 0.1 inches

Package including:

2* toilet tank lever

1* user manual