Hibbent 2 Pack Toilet Flapper Replacement Compatible with Kohler Hinge-style parts 84995 and 1000490 Flapper

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  • 1. Compatible with Kohler: for Ankara (14230), for Fables and for Flowers (14224), for Laureate (14291), for Prairie Flowers (14290-WF), for San Raphael (3466, 3467, 3384), for Revival (3360, 3612), for Rialto (3386), for Rosario (3434).
  • 2. Water saving: Replace old, leaky, and inefficient toilet flappers to save on expensive water waste with this large toilet flapper
  • 3. Easy to Install: No tools are required for installation.Includes stainless steel chain with clip hook
  • 4. High-quality material: This type of toilet flapper is made of flexible rubber for a tight seal and is easy to install.
  • 5. Satisfied customer service: If there is any problem, please contact us. A money refund or free new replacement is available for you.

Product Description

Toilet Flapper Replacement Compatible with Kohler

for kohler toilet flapper

Hibbent Toilet Tank Flapper Stopper Features

1. Quick & Easy to Install: We know you have better things to do than work on your toilet, so our

products are designed for quick installations.

2. Longest Lasting Materials: Made of material that withstands modern water treatments to ultimately

save water and money.

3. Quickly fix running and leaking toilets and eliminate costly water waste.

Please note Toilet flapper not compatible with 2-piece toilets.