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Hibbent 2 Pack Large 3-Inch Toilet Flapper Replacement Compatible with TOTO flapper Model G-Max, THU138S, THU175S and THU331S

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  • 1. Fits 3" flush valve opening: The Hibbent toilet flapper fits for TOTO 3 inch oversize flapper which features an oversized sealing surface to fit large 3-inch TOTO flush valves.
  • 2. High-quality TPR material: flexible siliconized red rubber for a tight seal, long-lasting, resists chlorine. Specialized Red Rubber For Resisting City Water Treatment, Hard Water, and Well Water.
  • 3. Compatible with Toto Flapper: Replacement 3 Inch Toilet Flapper compatible with Toto G-Max THU499S, THU175S & 2021BP.
  • 4. Compatible with TOTO models: ST743S, ST744S, ST754SF, ST764S, ST774S, ST784SF, ST94SF, ST814S, CST756204SF, SCT853S, CST845S and CST874S.
  • 5. Easy to install: Tools are not required for installment and are easy to replace. Includes 3" flapper and stainless steel chain with clip hook.

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