Hibbent 10 Inch High Pressure Rainfall Shower Head & Handheld Showerhead Combo with 12 Inch Adjustable Curved Shower Extension Arm

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High Pressure Rainfall Handheld Shower Head Combo

Solid Brass Adjustable Shower Head Height Extender

This shower head with handheld touch-clean spray holes for easy removal of hard-water build-up.

71-inch no-kink brass stainless steel hose provides flexible extended reach.

7-spray setting and Easy-turn click lever for effortless flow setting selection.

This square shower head has 196 splash jets that cover your full body and make you enjoy a massage like natural SPA.

The ceiling shower head has a 2.5 GMP water flow rate helps you save water consumption.

360 ° Rotating brass connector allows adjusting any angle of shower head as you want.

196 nozzles are ideally suited for your lover to experience the ultimate intimate bathing experience.

Specially designed fastening screw allows you to tight our shower arm onto your water pipeline easily.

Solid heavy-gauge brass with strong bearing capacity to support heavier rainfall showerhead.

Curved shape designs to enhance its bearing capacity and high rise your shower head.

7-Spray Setting Rain Shower Head 5 Inch Chrome Face with 71-inch Stainless Steel Shower Hose

High Pressure Rainfall Handheld Shower Head Combo

Soft Rubber Spray Nozzles

This showerhead has 7-Spray settings that include Rain, Rain & Massage, Fast Massage, Full Spray w/Massage, High-Efficiency Spray, Soft Drench Spray w/Massage, and Soft Drench Spray. This high-pressure hand-held shower head features a spray control ring that lets you easily switch from 1 spray setting to another.

5-inch showerhead face featuring rub-clean spray nozzles for easy cleaning. Soft rubber touch-clean spray holes allow you to easily wipe away lime build-up from the spray face of your shower head and hand shower with the touch of a finger.

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