Hibbent Toilet Seat Bumpers X 10 Pieces Universal Toilet Seat Buffer Toilet Lid Rubber Bumpers

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Product Description

  • 1.【2 Different Height Options】 Each piece of toilet seat bumper comes with 2 TPE pads of different thicknesses to meet your requirement. Higher one: 0.75 inch/1.9cm and lower one: 0.63 inch/1.6cm.
  • 2.【2 Kind of Shapes】 Hibbent toilet seat bumpers provides 2 kinds of shape: 6 oblong pieces and 4 round ones. When installing, please choose the fitting shape to make it easier to fit for different toilet seats.
  • 3.【High Quality Material】 Made with ABS on the white top and TPE on the gray bottom, the toilet seat bumper makes the seat more stable and strong. EVA cotton with a strong self-adhesive strip, which ensures it stays in place firmly.
  • 4.【Easy to Use】When Installing a bidet attachment, sometimes there is a space between the toilet seat and the bowl. Clean and dry the toilet seat rings, remove the stick paper backside of the toilet seat bumper, and stick it on the toilet seat rings and press hard, then use it 10 minutes later after installation.
  • 5.【Universal Design】The bumpers fit the most model of the toilet seat, intended for toilet seat repair, can last for long time use. Apply toilet lid bumpers to a wide range of surfaces, such as glass, ceramic, and you can stick on items where you want, preventing hard surfaces from damaging.

    Universal Toilet Lid Bumper Rubber Bumpers

    toilet seat bumpers

    10 PCS Toilet Seat Bumpers Features

    Toilet Seat Bumper Features:

    1. The Bidet toilet seat bumpers are made up of ABS on the white top and TPE on the bottom.

    2. Strong self-adhesive straps make it stick firmly on the toilet seat lid.

    3. The toilet seat bumper intends to make the toilet seat more flat and stable, can provide great buffering, and protect your toilet seat well.

    4. The Bidet toilet seat bumpers can reduce the noise impact while closing and protecting surfaces from friction and scratches making them last for a long time. 5. The Bidet toilet seat bumper is very easy to install, strong adhesive can adhere firmly onto the toilet seat.

    6. If your toilet seat is uneven, the toilet seat bumpers can lever it and make your toilet seat become more stable.

    7. The standard and simple design can match most of the toilet seats.