Hibbent Portable Travel Bidet & Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Camping, Outdoors & Travel

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Product Description

  • 1.NO BATTERIES NEEDED: No power, No battery. Perfect for when you're on the go and you want to take the benefits of a bidet with you.
  • 2. AIR LOCK DESIGN: Extra-long Angled nozzle spray design for perfect aim; airlock technology for stronger spray. We provide a user manual to show how to control the airlock function.
  • 3. EASY NOZZLE STORAGE: Unique nozzle design provides the most convenient and single-tap retractable nozzle storage of any travel bidet - discreet travel bag included.
  • 4. EASY TO CARRY: The easy way to refresh yourself after a bath or toilet use, handheld size, and easy to carry, the portable bidet bottle are perfect for personal care hygiene refresher at the home, office, on vacation, travel, puerpera, and more.
  • 5. LARGE CAPACITY: Larger capacity plastic bottle holds 650 ml/ 22.08 oz. for more complete cleaning and fewer refills.

    Large Capacity Portable Bidet Shower 650ml/ 22oz Green Color

    400ml sprayer

    Upside Down Handheld Bidet Bottle-Green Color


    • 1.For everyone personal hygiene
    • 2.Easy personal cleansing anytime and anywhere
    • 3.Use water to clean maximum comfortable
    • 4.When you're away from home, you can use a portable bidet to stay clean and soothe sensitive areas
    • 5.Use to maintain your personal hygiene and cleanliness when traveling
    • 6.Personal hygiene for healthy life style
    • 7.Perfect for ladies to use for everyday cleaning
    • 8.It helps relieve the discomforts caused by hemorrhoids, infections, itching, etc.