Why Does Your Butt Smell and Itch?

Why Does Your Butt Smell and Itch?

There are plenty of questions you don’t hear every day, and you may come across this one "Why does my anus smell like rotten meat?" Fear not—if you want to know what’s behind your butt odor. Let’s look at various malodorous culprits that may be to blame and what you can do to eliminate that anal aroma.


Swamp Ass

Why Does Your Butt Smell and Itch?

The butt crack is a warm, dark and hard-to-reach area ripe with sweat glands, creating a mini-climate in your pants that is perfect for stank. Natural sweating throughout the day can gather, mix with bacteria, and result in a horrific stench.


Hairy Butthole

Why Does Your Butt Smell and Itch?

Butt hair traps feces from exiting and wiping is unable to remove the poop stuck to your hairy a-hole. It’s definitely contributing to your overall stank.



Why Does Your Butt Smell and Itch?

Any foul smell that emanates from below could be a sign of something with your health or hygiene. If you're noticing a sudden negative change in how your bum smells, you might need your doctor to do a full checkup to rule out hemorrhoids, anal infection, anal abscess, inflammatory bowel disease, or other health conditions.


Wrong Butt Cleaning

Why Does Your Butt Smell and Itch?

Not wiping properly is the primary culprit for a stinky butt. Toilet paper is unable to clean the poop off your pink eye—it just smears it around. Those fecal remnants cling to your butt hair, get trapped in the folds, and fester for hours, leading to an ungodly stench.


Don’t Be a Butt Odor Victim

 Why Does Your Butt Smell and Itch?

Let Your Butt Breathe

Opt for natural fabrics like cotton and linen. These breathable materials help keep air flowing, which allows sweat on your skin to dry, which cuts down on smells.


Watch What You Eat

Certain foods lead to your unique poo. Decreasing your intake of foods that don’t agree with your body is a no-brainer for no-butt-odor.


Invest In Your Butt

For these issues, you can rely on a Hibbent bidet to establish the best line of defense against the swampy stank.

Imagine you got peanut butter on your arm. Wiping it off with dry toilet paper, do you feel clean? Like… no! You'll wash. So ditch TP and switch to bidet! If you have a hairy bush in your butt crack, a bidet is also top of your list. Try this low-key one-stop shop for the freshest scent and best overall butt health!

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