Tips For Face-Sitting Obsessors

Tips For Face-Sitting Obsessors

Whether you call it going down, eating out, sitting on one's face, or you fancy terms like cunnilingus, you're not alone if you love oral sex. It is generally a pleasing experience for women. Like on a roller coaster, the pleasure is so intense that you feel weightless and light-headed, toes tingle. Your belly warms in anticipation of the orgasm you know is heading your way. You feel pleasure in every part of your body. Waves of pleasure rush your body again and again until the orgasm makes the vagina quiver as well as the rest of the body.


What does it feel like when a guy goes down on you? 

hibbent bidet

You might be curious about others’ experiences. Read on for real first-person accounts of getting their lower lips kissed.


  • I really enjoy it a lot. Receiving oral sex is like eating ice cream or candy in my mouth.
  • He thought he was a weed eater and was too rough, wasn’t enjoyable at all.
  • It depends on the skill of the person eating me out. Sometimes it hurts really bad because they’re scratching up my pussy and licking the wrong spots. And other times it feels SO GOOD. It almost tickles at first, like someone gently licking your balls. When they lick the pearl and tease it with their tongue just right it’s... orgasmic.
  • It feels like a guaranteed orgasm.
  • He didn’t know what TF he was doing and it felt like what one would imagine is an alien probe. I told him gently how to (do it), but that apparently went over his head…
  • Once he’s licking and kissing my clit and his fingers are massaging my G-spot, it won’t be long until he’ll have me quivering in repeated orgasmic ecstasy.



hibbent bidet

We can see that not everyone enjoys cunnilingus and definitely not all can perform it well. But we have to admit that oral sex is generally a good experience for both sexes. In addition to the pleasant/unpleasant experiences shared above, there are also some people who are interested in trying but have concerns or doubts.


  • My boyfriend wants to go down on me, but I’m afraid he won’t like my smell.
  • Should I wash my vagina before oral sex?
  • Hespitson my vagina and told me there was something wrong with me.


It is good to remember basic hygiene. But don't be afraid of you not being perfect. Every vulva has a characteristic scent, and if it is healthy the smell is not unpleasant. Sex is for you both to enjoy, not only to satisfy the other one. If you worry about your might-be-odd smell, express it to your partner. Sex is a pathway worth exploring and communicating to better understand how to obtain pleasure together. Who knows, your partner may like the flavor and enjoy turning you on.


Good Hygiene

hibbent bidet

Let’s go back to the topic of “hygiene”. Good hygiene can be a significant carrier to take both partners to the pleasure peak in oral sex. About the question “Should I wash my vagina before oral sex?” Of course, you should. Just as you like it clean down there during sex, they expect the same from you. Not only will this allow your partner to enjoy the process, but it will also reduce vaginitis risk.


If you feel taking a shower is too much trouble, then using a bidet is a good choice. Turn it on and give your kitten a quick wash. The last thing you want is someone to stop munching your “mew mew” because of the pungent or sour flavor. Or if you are on the go, use a portable bidet, which is easy to carry, clean at any time, and then do your business. You can also use the bidet for a quick wash after you're done.


Clean kitten, Yummy! Hope you enjoy eating!

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