New Moms: 4 Signs That You Need to Use a Bidet

New Moms: 4 Signs That You Need to Use a Bidet

Pregnancy can be an amazing time in a woman's life, but it can also be a bit daunting. As you await your little bundle of joy, you have to endure some discomfort, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, constipation, etc. Those discomforts, especially “down there”, are likely to continue into your postpartum days as well. Bidets help all new moms with healthy personal care down there during and post-pregnancy.


1. Constipation

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Constipation is very common in pregnancy, the incidence of which can highly reach 38%.


  • “I'm typically a very regular/healthy pooper but I've been dealing with constipation since before I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks.”

--Thehollyandtheivy (via Reddit)


  • “11 weeks pregnant and I haven't passed bowelmovement in over 9 days! It just won't come out.”

--coalthedoggo (via Reddit)


A study proposes a method that may ease defecation and reduce the severity of constipation - Using a bidet. Bidets create a massage effect on anal tissue by providing water flow to the anal region before defecation, so you don't need to strain and push as much.


2. Hemorrhoids

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Women who are pregnant often experience hemorrhoids.


  • “Currently 38 weeks pregnant and experiencing my first ever hemorrhoid… yay (jk).”

--SVanore93 (via Reddit)


The skin around the genitals is quite tender and needs sufficient protection especially when someone suffers from hemorrhoids. It’s downright painful for them to irritate an already irritated area by wiping dry toilet paper.


  • “31 weeks and it's so annoying. It's getting worse by the day, I’m pretty sure I had a paper cut from wiping myself so often.”

--voodoonic (via Reddit)


Unlike toilet paper, bidets are more sanitary and gentler. It cleans the rear by spraying water and can be adjusted for a temperature and pressure level that's most comfortable for the user. In addition to sparing the constant chafe of dry toilet paper, bidets enhance the treatment of hemorrhoids by soothing and preventing them, just like a traditional warm sitz bath to promote blood circulation in the skin around the anus.


3. Less Flexible

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In later stages, you may become less flexible and mobile with your large belly. This also means that bathroom activities become more difficult.


  • “33 weeks pregnant and trying to wipe my bum has turned into a full body workout.”

- emz0rmay (via Reddit)


  • “I stand to wipe now just because I almost fell off the toilet trying to lean once lol.”

-Daisy_Gastly (via Reddit)


  • “I have to wipe from the back but then I get shoulder cramps, pregnancy is f*cking wild.”

- Typical-Maybe7480 (via Reddit)


With a bidet, using the restroom becomes easier. There is no twisting behind or bending forward to get yourself clean. You only need to reach the controls to be able to get completely clean. A posterior wash will clean up after bowel movements and a feminine wash will clean up after urination.


4. Postpartum

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After childbirth many women experience itching and swelling and may have stitches or tears in the vaginal area.


  • “I'm currently a little over 2 weeks PP with my first bio baby. Now it is SO PAINFUL & literally feels like my butthole is being ripped open each time.”

- ejanonn (via Reddit)


  • “Sounds like anal fissures. Does it feel like glass shards are coming out of your butt? I had an awful time with those after my second and third babies. Do not wipe!”

- luvCinnamonrolls30 (via Reddit)


bidet is a wonderful tool for women to use during the postpartum period. Bidets will help keep the stitches clean and infection free if you're recovering from stitches or tears in the vaginal area. Adjustable water pressure and temperature can help soothe, comfort and reduce swelling in this area.


  • “I wish I had a bidet when I was pregnant and postpartum. I tore at my urethra. So every time I peed, it hurt so bad... The bidet sprays front to back make me feel better and I definitely feel cleaner. So I will say this no matter what bidet you have, it’s the most amazing thing.”

- Jane


  • “My husband bought me a bidet as preparation for postpartum care. It’s my favorite thing. I’ve never felt so clean.”

- Aisha


Every Mom Deserves Respect

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You look after everyone else, so, we’re looking after you. Hibbent Bidet helps all new moms with healthy personal care down there during and post-pregnancy. It is a choice for the whole family. Hibbent will be there to give moms a better experience and healthier life.

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