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How to Get Over Anxiety About Pooping in Public?

Few things in life are worse than sharing a bathroom with strangers. You might feel embarrassed by the groans and smells that accompany the process, or you might be panicked when spotting drops of pee on the toilet seat. Thus, some even would rather suffer from terrible stomach aches than pooping in public bathrooms. Then you find yourself having difficulty forcing yourself to poop in a public restroom because your colon freaks out by your anxiety. It will cause great harm to your gut health.

Let's talk about some tips that might help you get through the trials and tribulations of pooping in a stall with a line halfway out the door waiting for you to finish your dump.


Tip 1 Relax Yourself

Remember, no one is judging you. Everyone shits. It is a natural thing to do. Do you know what they will think? They will think, "Hey, is that shy pooper taking a poop? Huh. Guess it is. Are we going to that pub? OMG, that must be so much fun." See? Nobody cares if they overhear you shitting in the bathroom.


Tip 2 Add A Soundtrack

Put on your headphones and turn up the tunes. You can play some serene sounds of running water. If you can't hear your own farts, they didn't happen. As an added bonus, the natural sounds may help you relax in your pursuit of emptying your bowels.


Tip 3 Take A Portable Bidet

Don't worry about toilet paper in the first place, which is super easy to do when you have a Hibbent portable bidet. It cleans your butt with a fresh stream of water instead of smudging poop around like shitty one-ply toilet paper. With portable bidets, all you have to do is fill it up with water at a temperature of your choice, squeeze it, and then you will be able to get super clean on the go.


Final Thoughts

There's never a perfect time or place that you suddenly have to go poop in public, so you should try to make yourself experience the least awkward, embarrassing, and stressful as possible. Next time you are feeling anxious about pooping in public bathrooms, just harness these tips to make it easier to go.
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