Get Real Rain in Your Shower Room

Get Real Rain in Your Shower Room

These days, when self-care is a priority and we are overwhelmed by more pressures from outside or inside, it’s time to upgrade your shower head. When you return home after a tiring day or feel too drowsy to step out of the bedroom in the morning, a soothing bath time helps you refresh your body and mind. With Hibbent Rainfall Shower Head Combo, upgrading your bathroom is a no-brainer.


Hibbent Rain Shower Head Combo not only pumps up a shower experience immensely, but also has lustrous aesthetics that matches the various decor of your bathroom. One look at Hibbent Rainfall Shower Head Combo and it’s easy to see that it would be right at home of a fancy hotel because of its lustrous aesthetics.


The best shower head is combined with SUS 304 stainless steel 10-inch large rainfall shower head, and a chrome face handheld shower head. With the combination of ultra-thin design and innovative air-in technology, 196 splash jets of the rainfall shower head deliver an all-encompassing and perfect rainfall spray, which simulates natural rain to provide you with a natural contact water experience. The 7-setting handheld shower head can fully meet your different showering needs and it provides you with the most comfortable showering experience. We assure you that we will always provide you with a pleasant and immersive shower experience.


A right shower head can transform the way your shower looks and feels. Anyone who has spent a night in a dingy motel knows that. Not all shower heads are created equal. A good shower head provides you a soothing shower. And the soothing shower creates a space belongs only to you where you can enjoy steady and invigorating spray, where you can take off all the fatigue, distress, and pressure. You can be yourself there. Hibbent knows what you need, and helps you created your own space.

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