A Bathroom Tip Inspired by the World Cup in Qatar

A Bathroom Tip Inspired by the World Cup in Qatar

The 22nd FIFA World Cup has started! Now World Cup fever has swept across the globe. Over one million football fans flock to Qatar to enjoy the live games. You may wonder how is the accommodation condition there (we all know that Qatar has spent more than $200 billion on infrastructure).

To our surprise, the accommodation conditions leaves fans disappointed. For most visiting fans, the least-costly option (~$200/night) comes in rows of white plastic tents with single beds and no air conditioning. As reported by El País, Paco González, 56, and Juan Canseco, 63, traveled to Qatar from Spain on Tuesday. They found that the rooms didn't have sheets or towels or toilet paper. A BBC reporter also said they were missing toilet paper. Emily Brooks records on TikTok what fan camps look like and what they provide.

@emilybrooks723 We stayed a night at a World cup fan camp! #qatar #worldcup #fancamp #fifa ♬ original sound - EB

Fans in Qatar, we know that toilet paper shortage sucks. But don't panic, you have a chance to let it never ever happen again. For those who did not experience toilet paper shortage before, you can make it zero-probability.

How to avoid it? Take a portable bidet! If you are outdoorsy people who like camping, hiking, backpacking, etc., you must love to pack ultra-light. So this is absolutely the way to go too. All you need to do is fill up the water bottle, aim your anus, and squeeze it.

Another thing that calls our attention is a cultural difference. Middle eastern toilets are very different from American or "western" style toilets. Instead of toilet paper, there is usually a handheld spray bidet - not for cleaning the toilet, but for washing off your buttock. However, bathrooms at the camps are communal, so you might be concerned about hygiene. To avoid infections, you'd better use your personal bidet.

Enjoy the matches!

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