Hibbent Sink Hose Pet Shower Sprayer Attachment with Aerator Adapter Dog & Cat Shower

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Product Description

dog shower sprayer attachment

The shower head holder has a chrome finish that ensures durability,anti-corrosion, and temp resistance.

High-pressure dog shower head with 3 shower settings for dog's different spray needs.

90 Inch enough long stainless steel hose to reach hair's underdog stomach.

One-hand-control shower with an ON/OFF switch, you can easily stop water flowing immediately.

Great for dog showers, pet showers, children, assisted care and people with disabilities, bathroom cleaning, clothing diapering, hair washing, baby bath rinsing, and sink cleaning.

Sink Sprayer Rinser Set

faucet sprayer set

Faucet Baby Sprayer Handshower, Hair Washing Sink Hose Sprayer System


  • The sink hose spray set comes with all the components you'll need when assembled.
  • Dog shower sprayer attachment set for pet bathing and dog washing.
  • Bathroom Sprayer Shower Arm Diverter with Hand Shower Head and Hose.
  • This stylish shower holder can be adjusted from different angles.
  • Big angle swivels female faucet aerator with a free adapter(convert Female faucet to Male one).
  • Three-side spray modes make it convenient and quick to switch favorite modes.
  • The STOP button on the handheld shower makes it easy to open and off the water spray.
  • Easy to install in a few minutes without plumber help.
  • Flexible and durable stainless steel hose with extra-long size.