Hibbent Non-Electric Bidet Seat Toilets Manual Bidet with Pressure Controls Quiet-Close Lid and Seat - Elongated - OB406

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  • 1.【Dual Nozzles】The nozzles of this Elongated bidet are designed to ensure complete hygiene and durability. With separate front and rear spray patterns, the nozzles are easy to adjust by twisting the knob. With a flip cover of the bidet attachment the nozzles.
  • 2.【Easy Handling】Hibbent bidet toilet seat is non-electric and no electricity, batteries, or frustrating plumbing is required. The bidet seat fits Elongated toilet bowls and all accessories are included. The quick-release hinge allows the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning, quick attach part for fast and easy installation.
  • 3.【Great Integrated】Hibbent bidet seat combines comfortable Toilet Seat with advanced Bidet Attachment. These two parts were perfectly matched and pre-installed.
  • 4.【Adjustable Water Pressure】The water pressure of the bidet seat can be adjusted from soft to strong with a simple twist on the control lever. Find the most comfortable water pressure and immerse yourself at the moment.
  • 5.【Soft and Slow Closing】The bidet seat and lid close quietly and gently and no more pinched fingers or loud slamming, especially in the middle of the night! Toilet seat bidet features Slow close hinges to prevent slamming of the seat.

Product Description

Bidet Toilet Seat with Dual Nozzles

Hibbent bidet seat aims to make a more comfortable and healthier washing and save your paper money for helping the environment. Hibbent innovates to enhance cleanliness and provide the ultimate in personal comfort.

Extensive Function For Better Life

manually bidet

Nozzle Self-Cleaning: Nozzle sprays out water for cleaning to ensure personal hygiene.

Rear Wash: Clean completely and gentle your skin, save more money on toilet paper.

Soft-close seat: The Bidet toilet seat closes quietly and helps to prevent slamming.

Adjustable Water Pressure: Adjust water pressure for washing.

Easy Installation: Remove the toilet seat and parts, position bidet and reattach toilet seat, and connect the water supply to the bidet.

Elongated Toilet with Advanced Bidet Seat

elongated toilet

Hibbent bidet seat constructs with elegant craftsmanship to provide contemporary and sleek style for your bathroom. Simple knob design allows seniors to easily operate. It's convenient for pregnant women, they are no need to bend for wiping, simply twist the know, and enjoy a soft rinse. The specially designed nozzle for women can effectively clean private parts and make women feel fresh and clean in the physiological period.

The distance between the two holes is 5.35''-6.85''(136mm-174mm).

The distance from the toilet tank to the front of the toilet bowl is about 20 inches or more.

Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment with Dual Nozzle Clean Mode for Ultimate Hygienic Experience

toilet seat

The Bidet toilet has a regular dual wash nozzle design that is suitable for a range of people, female and male, adult and children, youth, and elder. The nozzle clean mode clean completely and gentle your skin, and save more money on toilet paper. Save your time and release your hands. It's a wise choice for housewives!