Hibbent Faucet Aerator 720 ° Angle Spray Large Flow Aerator Dual Function

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Product Description

  • 1.【Easy to install】Aerator’s body has 15/16 Inch-27UNS male thread (If your faucet is a female thread, directly connect it).
  • 2.【2 Water Flow Design】Soft Bubble Stream(1.8GPM) and Strong Sprayer Shower(1.8GPM)
  • 3.【360-Degree big angle swivel】 The maximum angle can cover 270 degrees. A 360-degree swivel makes the water flow can reach every corner of the sink that making it is very convenient for washing.
  • 4.【Top quality】The dual-function sink aerator is made of high-quality material which is durable. It can be used for sink faucets, kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, etc.
  • 5.【Water Saving】The faucet aerator is designed from the concept of environmental protection perspective, it can save water function can save 30% ~70% water compared with a standard bubble which can reduce energy cost and save you money.

    Male-Threaded Faucet Aerator--Faucet Mounted Eye Wash Station-Big RotationAngle

    faucet aerator

    Works as both eye wash station and faucet areator


    • Two Water Mode Choices-Soft Bubble Stream & Strong Sprayer Shower:
    • 1.Strong Sprayer for Cleaning Dirties
    • 2.Soft Bubble for Eye Washing


    soft stream

    Two water function: Soft Bubble Stream & Strong Sprayer Shower for Bathroom


    • Switch From Soft Bubble Stream to Strong Sprayer Shower only by one hand.
    • Dual-function 2 Sprayer kitchen faucet attachment 360-Degree Swivel sprayer.


    soft stream


    strong sprayer


    soft sprayer


    strong sprayer