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Why Should You Use Portable Bidet?

There's a reason why bidets are becoming ever more popular in the real estate industry. More and more people are discovering the hygiene, comfort, and eco-friendly benefits that are available with this appliance. Once you've tried a bidet, it can be hard to go back to just toilet paper!


Why Should You Use Portable Bidet?

If you are the one who gets used to the everyday bidet lifestyle, have you ever experienced a brief moment of despair that arises when you envision no bidet in your life while on the road? Suddenly, there’s a problem you need to solve before you leave home. The travel bidet is the perfect solution. Also known as mobile bidets and handheld bidets, portable bidets are bidets you can take on the go.


Advantages of Portable Bidet

The portable handheld bidet is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to stay fresh and clean on any trip. It’s hygienic, convenient, and environmentally friendly.



From a butt health perspective, toilet paper typically doesn't get you as clean as a bidet. In many instances, you may notice traces of fecal matter following the use of toilet paper. There is an assurance of eradication of all fecal matter while using a bidet through a thorough cleaning. That's why doctors consider it more hygienic than toilet paper. Also, using bidets ensures that your hands won’t get into contact with fecal matter. This will minimize the possibility of bacteria getting onto your hands and unfurl to nearby.



Usually, a light, squeezable bottle with a long neck and spray nozzle, the portable bidet is small, lightweight, and easy to use. It's especially useful in situations where you might not have toilet paper, such as camping or backpacking, or in places where bidets are the norm. Just fill up the bidet water bottle, squeeze it or turn it on, and lastly have a piece of paper towel, or toilet tissue readily available to give yourself a quick dry.



Did you know that global toilet paper production uses 27,000 trees daily according to 2010 statistics? And the production uses a huge amount of water to prepare and clean the pulp. Nearly 15 million trees a year get cut down to make toilet paper, and about 30,000 trees get flushed down the toilet each day. And environmentally speaking, toilet paper is not sustainable.

Designed to replace toilet paper, bidets can reduce toilet paper consumption by 80%. However, a regular bidet permanently fixed in your bathroom can’t come with you when you are on a vacation. So if you want to conserve toilet paper and stay clean wherever you are, a portable bidet is an excellent solution.


Portable Bidet Types

Portable bidets have two parts: a bottle, and a nozzle attachment designed to hold and spray water to clean you up. It comes in two basic varieties: non-electric and electric.


Non-Electric Portable Bidet

Non-electric water bottle bidet is hand-squeezable, with a tube and nozzle attached. The device couldn't be easier to use. Hibbent has designed two portable bidet sprayers with airlock technology for high-pressure spray and a single-tap retractable nozzle for compact storage. No batteries or charging are required. You don’t need to worry about batteries dying or forgetting to charge it anymore. It's a sturdy yet squishable bottle with a screw-on nozzle pole. Just simply fill it up with water, tighten, angle the nozzle where you're wanting to aim and squirt away. The pressure rises depending on how hard you squeeze it.


Electric Portable Bidet


Electric portable bidet provides a steady and gentle stream that's more satisfying than a manual bidet and can be easier to use for those who might have trouble exerting the needed hand pressure. It is also a must-have for those who travel a lot because it is more compact and easy to use with one hand.

The trouble is, the electric bidet needs to be charged. But with Hibbent Electric Portable Bidet, you don’t have to worry about it. You can plug it into a computer or even a power bank. Plus, each charge gives you about 100 uses, which means you won’t need to charge it often. Tests prove that you need to charge it once or twice a month when using it daily. It only takes around 1-2 hours to fully charge anyway.

And another problem most people consider when choosing an electronic bidet is potentially weak water pressure. According to feedback, this unit by Hibbent provides a stronger electric pressure than comparable models, so the excellent water pressure is good for when you don’t want everyone in the bathroom to wonder what you’re doing.

Besides, the whole device is waterproof, so you can easily run it under the tap to clean it. And an adjustable nozzle pole allows you to aim at whatever angle you like. After you've set the angle, flick it open, press the power button, and go.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that a portable bidet is a better and more hygienic cleaning device, especially for people who love the outdoors or traveling. Now that you know all you need to understand about portable bidets, you won't regret buying one to try.

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